Foscagno is quite a pretty climb once you get past Semogo but it is also the main road to Livigno and hence is often very busy with traffic. For this reason we dont often ride this route.

You leave Bormio in the same direction as if you are riding towards Stelvio but this time you follow the signs to Livigno. The first 9km are fairly flat and gentle. It is not until you pass through the town of Isolaccia that the real climbing starts. It is not a steep climb but will give you a good work out. The road is busy with traffic going to and from Livigno and care should be taken when riding this road. After you have passed Arnoga there are a few tunnels that you must pass through (be sure to stay over to the right when passing through these) before you reach the top.

At the top is of Foscagno is the border of Guardia di Finanza (this is not  country border, simply the border to the tax free area). There is no resturant etc at the top so if you wish to grab of coffee or something you can either carry on to Passo Eira (7km) or head back down to Arnoga.