In Italy we love our food and at Stelvio eXperience our passion for cycling is only rivalled by our passion for great cuisine! As cyclists we know that in order to conquer epic rides you need the right nutrition to ride all day and also to recover at night. 

In Bormio, just like any other part of Italy food is life. Italian cuisine has developed through the centuries and has gained popularity across the world for its regional diversity and abundance in different flavours and styles. Our Alpine cuisine is characterized by its simplicity as well as the quality of the local produce grown around our mountains where the air is fresh and the soil is rich.  The quality of our produce enables our dishes to have few ingredients as we rely on the quality of the ingredients, rather than on elaborate preparation to present you with unique and abundant meals to keep your body fuelled when you stay with us.

Our accommodation Partners typically offer Half-Board stays where you are served a healty breakfast in the morning and a delectable gourmet meal for dinner. The clink of wine glasses and a beautiful meal shared with your riding mates is a great way to end each day in the saddle.

Beyond the great meals served by our accommodation partners here are a few of culinary highlights of Bormio you can enjoy during your stay;

  • Our local pizza is called the Valtellina and is topped with beautiful air dried beef and cooked in a woodfired oven of course, this dish is our pride and joy and we would be happy to direct you to the best in town!
  • Our local Valtellina pasta is called "Pizzocheri" and made from buckwheat flour. It is served with cooked cabbage and cubed potato layered with our finest Casera cheese and dressed with garlic and sage that has been sauteed in butter... BUONISSIMI!
  • In Valtellina our wines are produced from "Chiavennasca" grapes whic are a Nebbiolo grape variety. With our unique climate ans soils our wine is just as good as our food......SPETTACOLARE!
  • Our local cheese is rich and varied with many flavours and varieties to choose from, the Stelvio Bicycle Cafe is a great place to sample these delights.
  • Our local Gelato is worth more than a mention for it is made from the rich milk of our high pasture cattle, and flavoured with natures bounty of fresh fruit, particularly in summer.