At Stelvio eXperience it not jus about the bike...its much more than that! As much as we love cycling we are also passionate about giving you a complete holiday...not just a hard day on a bike!

In Bormio you will find no shortage of ways to relax, unwind your legs and pamper your soul when you are done riding for the day. The first stop has to be our Stelvio Bicycle Cafe! The Stelvio eXperience bicycle cafe is a cyclist’s haven when you are not on the bike! Here you can stop by for a coffee and sample local produce including salami, cheese, air dried beef and homemade local treats. You can also enjoy one of the many Stelvio beers made right here in Bormio. The cafe also has televisions to watch all things cycling as well as a bike wash and service station outside use. There isn't a better place for cyclists to hang out!

If you are interested in taking your relaxation to another level, then you have to try one of the ancient Roman spas that Bormio is famous for...whether summer or winter, a warm soak will do wonders for tired muscles and the views are no less breathtaking than those you would have enjoyed on the bike. We will be happy to recommend our favourites.

Here are a few more ideas for you to enjoy your holiday in Bormio and rilassarti as we say in Italian:

  • Take a stroll around our old town centre and enjoy a meal in the piazza while watching the locals wander by.
  • Take a short drive or bus ride to neighbouring Livigno for a spot of VAT-free shopping...a favourite among the locals as well
  • Catch a ski lift to the top of a mountain for a leisurely hike...yes some of them do run in Summer.
  • Jump on the UNESCO world Heritage listed Bernina Express for a breathtaking train ride over a four-hour railway journey across 196 bridges, through 55 tunnels and across the Bernina Pass at 2,253 metres above sea level... you can even take your bike!

The options are endless and we will more than happy to help you!